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Make Our Gym, Your Gym.


Clean  -  Friendly  -  Open 24/7

Do you hate gyms that:

have gym cliques

are dirty and gross

has a staff that doesn't care

have limited hours

are crowded

are unwelcoming

At Fitness Werqs we treat you like family, the gym is always clean and ready to use any time you want.

You deserve a gym you'll love.



Open 24/7

You deserve a clean gym and a staff that cares about your health and the environment you're working out in.
Making you feel comfortable and welcome is our most important priority.
You should never have to adjust your workout schedule around your gym's staffed hours.

Gym near me

fitness center near me

personal trainer near me

We love to see our people win.

Most people don't like the way they look.  At Fitness Werqs we have everything you need to feel great and be proud of the way you look.

Lauren lost 50 lbs


Kristina lost 30 lbs


Zack lost 130 lbs

Make Our Gym Your Gym


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Frustrated with not getting results in the gym? 

Stop making these 5 mistakes

download our PDF.



  • 24/7 access to the whole gym
  • A really great community of other members that will become like family.
  • Friendliness and Cleanliness are the most important things to our staff
  • We aim to be exceptional in your eyes and prove that through the detail of our work, our service, and our culture
Adult $35
First Responder $30
Family starting at $60
Initiation and key fob fees apply

Personal Training

  • Your goals are our business.

  • We are not only your trainer but your confidant, your support system, and your biggest ally

  • Get the best information that is specific to you and the vision you have for yourself and your body.

$35 - 60 per session depending on your needs and wants

Virtual Training

  • Its a workout program that is designed to maximize your time in the gym while also creating a beautiful physique anyone would be proud of.

  • You have full access to our staff through the app messenger

  • The workouts are delivered to you every month

$35 per month
Make Our Gym Your Gym
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