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Fitness Werqs


We opened in 2015, on a mission to get more people into the gym and loving their workouts.  But as with anything, Fitness Werqs has evolved into more than just a local gym.  Its come a community and has connected people who would have never connect if it weren't for the love of THEIR gym.


Make Our Gym Your Gym, became our motto in 2020 when we found that our clients and members were more like family and treat Fitness Werqs like their home and treat everyone here as kin.  We think everyone deserves that kind of relationship with their gym so we spend every minute pouring over every detail making the experience at Fitness Werqs as comfortable as being at home while also creating the highest quality standard possible. 

Kristin and Luke

Kristin's experience with fitness started when she was five and join the local swim team, it turned into a year round sport for her and she swam all the way through college at Indiana University of Pennsylvania (IUP) where she studied Exercise Science with a minor in Business.  After graduating she started working full times in gyms and fitness facilities and even competed in three figure competitions, becoming nationally qualified and competing at a national level.

The thing Kristin loves the most about training is connecting to people, getting to know her clients, and understanding their goals and aspirations.  If you're interested in training with Kristin, shoot her an email at

Luke, also started in n sports at the age of five, he and his grandfather would box, he got so good that he was ranked 9th in the world at his weight class and was invited to the train at the Olympic Training Center in CO for the 2000 Olympics.  That dream came to a screeching halt when the doctors wouldn't clear him to go because of two torn retinas.


Luke moved onto basketball and football, after receiving multiple D1 offers for both sports, he decided on Marshall University for football, but during his second practice of freshman year he suffered a career ending ACL and MCL tear.  

Luke came home, started working for his dad and did that until he and Kristin opened up Fitness Werqs in 2015.  If you have any questions or would like to schedule a session with Luke, please feel free to email him at

Also a huge part of the FW culture are the three German Shepherds that come to work every day.

Scarlett, who is the ring leader of the pack is the one you'll find down in the gym the most.  She often times uses peoples mats without asking, will sometimes demand you throw the ball for her, but for the most part she just sort of mossy's around and plays it real cool and sweet.  Oh and she's always willing to go on a walk with you around the gym.

Sherlock is the oldest and is as cool as Clint Eastwood, he has a select few  he allows in his circle of friends, and really loves to nap.  He's sort of the Legend of FW because he doesn't come out of the office to often.

Last but certainly not least, Sammy.  He was adopted at three years old from a family who couldn't take care of him.  He's a real big guy who is super sweet with a really loud bark.  He has the six  P's of life:

1) Papa - he simply adores Luke and would die for him

2) Pastries - he literally loves any and all snacks

3) Pillows - if there is a pillow anywhere close, he's definitely laying on it

4) Peeing - he'll literally pee on everything, twice.

5) Peanut Butter - he is a super huge sucker for a spoonful of pb

6) Pats - this kid love to have his head patted

If you want more information click here to email, call or stop in the gym or if you want to book a tour click here.

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