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Year Contract

- The contract length is one year, there is a key fob fee ($20) and an initiation fee of ($50).   

Month to Month Contract 

- This contract is month to month, and can be canceled at anytime, there is a key fob fee ($20) and a initiation fee ($50) to start.

Family Plan

- For a year contract its $60 per month, for a month to month contract its $70 per month for two family members, each family member added on beyond that is $20 per month.  To sign up there is a key fob fee ($20) for each person and for this plan there is no initiation fee.

Student plan

Is a month to month plan for high and Junior high kids, there is a key fob fee ($20) and an initiation fee of ($50).  Once the student leaves for college the college break rates will apply and a new contract will start.

First Responders and military

- Firstly, thank you for your service. Secondly, our first responder and military rates are $25 per month with a month to month contract.  There is a key fob fee ($20) and a ($25) initiation fee.

If you have any specific questions feel free to email or call us.

Personal Training

​How it works:

  • Both Kristin and Luke do the personal training for Fitness Werqs.

  • We start by scheduling a consultation with you, which is an hour long. We've give you a PAR-Q to fill out and another information form for our records.

  • Then we'll go through some things with you, talk about you and your goals, what you want from us and then we'll decide together what the best plan of action is from there.

  • Click here for our personal training prices

  • Click here for FAQ

Virtual Training

How Virtual Training Works:

  • When you sign up you'll be given a link for the app

  • Every month you'll get 12-15 works for each month (3 per week).

  • All of the workouts for each month are designed by Kristin

  • She'll have them all loaded for you by beginning of each month and set into your calendar on the app

  • Every exercise on the app has its own video so that you can see exactly how do it

  • There is messaging through the app so if you have any questions you can speak to Kristin directly

  • The biggest thing is that its we work really hard to make sure that you have everything you need to successfully reach your goals.

  • Click here for Virtual Personal Training prices

  • If you have any specific questions click here or email 

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