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Adult $35
Student $25
First Responder $25
Family starting at $60
Initiation and key fob fees apply
Make Our Gym Your Gym
  • 24/7 access to the whole gym
  • A really great community of other members that will become like family.
  • Friendliness and Cleanliness are the most important things to our staff
  • We aim to be exceptional in your eyes and prove that through the detail of our work, our service, and our culture


$35 - 60 per session depending on your needs and wants
  • Your goals are our business.

  • We are not only your trainer but your confidant, your support system, and your biggest ally

  • Get the best information that is specific to you and the vision you have for yourself and your body.


Personal Training

Virtual Training

  • Its a workout program that is designed to maximize your time in the gym while also creating a beautiful physique anyone would be proud of.

  • You have full access to our staff through the app messenger

  • The workouts are delivered to you every month

Fitness Center Near Me
$25 per month
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